Synchronize human care
Human's five senses allow us to immediately learn outside information, enabling us to make sound decision based on the reliable data we receive. Sight prevails all the other four senses and enables us to react accurately to the change around us.
Sight perception
The name of SNYNC VISION comes from such spirit. What we do is not only to visualize the medical treatment process, but also to examine the essence and meaning of the visualization to the dentist. Our design is focused on innovation and human care.
Human Service Technology

Applying technology on medical science has been a trend in this era. However, the standard of medical treatment does not necessarily improve with the increasing usage of high-tech products.

The major distinction between the Medical device and others is the corresponding using parties including the Physicians and the treated patients.

The biggest challenge during the design process of medical device is to satisfy the function requirement of usage from the Phycicians, and also fulfill the expectation of emotional care to patient.

In the design procedure, SyncVision Technology has re-considered the relationship among the Technology, the Physician and the Patient, researched the mutual factors and got equilibrium.

Our aim is to develop device can bring practitioner's skills into full play when it has sufficient functions that are suitable for human's needs.

On the basis of improving doctor-patient relationship, start manufacturing upon the clinical needs that enable our device can efficiently assist physicians provide better medical treatment to patients.

Medical Background

Doctor Hung is leading the clinical requirements and test. He received his doctoral degree from the University of Tokyo and has 30 years of experiences in dental practice. Currently the dentist association Dr. Hung belongs to own over forty clinics in Taiwan. These specialized dentists have engaged in the product's development process, including the initial stage of clinical requirements, discussion with the R&D department, product examination and modification, and the final test of the product upon completion.

Medical Instrument
Design Team background
Our R&D team consists of experts from different backgrounds, which are industrial design, optics, electronics and mechanics. They have many years of experience in research and development of medical imaging devices. Constantly observing medical treatment behavior and discovering the unmet medical needs provide us innovative ideas, the state of the art technology and the innovative design in our product.
Specializes in digital hand-held diagnostic device

SyncVision Technology Corporation specializes in medical equipment R & D, manufacturing and marketing. We endeavor to create, develop and manufacture the most advanced Opto-Mechatronics Integration module and Miniaturized technologies. We utilize these technologies to deliver innovative user-friendly diagnostic devices to clinical dentist.

Apart from the establishment of a complete quality control system and through the ISO13485 quality system certification, the major product Intraoral Camera have been certified by the U.S. FDA, EU CE quality certification.

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