Intraoral camera - iO1
Introducing iO1
SYNC VISION intraoral camera makes medical treatment simple and easy. It increases efficiency and shortens the time of each treatment process. It eliminates patient's worries about treatment by offering clear communication between the dentist and patient.
Instant set-up
No wiring, No installation, built-in battery. Compared to the traditional intraoral camera that has many wire connections, our cordless product is much simpler and easy to use.
Flexible probe
Flexible probe makes it easy for the dentist to navigate and observe any angles in the oral cavity.
Built-in LCD
Built-in LCD allows the dentist and patient to immediately see the image of the oral cavity. A compact 2.5" LCD monitor provides a crystal clear image for viewing the oral cavity from different angles with vivid color.
Easy to capture
Images in the oral cavity can be captured by one click, and then saved and viewed on screen, making it easier for the dentist to communicate with the patient.
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