Otoscope -iO1 OTO
Makes Treatment simple and smart
Introducing iO1 OTO

It increases efficiency of each Treatment process.

It offers immediate communication between

the ENT doctors and patients.

Instant set-up
Built-in LCD allows ENT doctors to review a crystal vision immediately. Quick set-up, No wiring, No Installation, Built-in battery; it is a smart and simpler device for otolaryngologist.
Changeable probe
Flexible probe and ear probe makes it easy for ENT doctors to navigate and observe different parts of ear, nose and throat.
Built-in LCD
Built-in LCD allows the doctor and patient to immediately see the image of the ear,nose and throat.
Easy to capture
Image can be captured by one click; it would automatically be saved and reviewed on screen. Both ENT doctors and patients could easy to see the checking condition.
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