Veterinary Endoscope - iO1 VET

Instant visual healthcare for vet

Introducing iO1 VET

Synchronization vision delivery !

Ergonomic, Portable, Affordable, Durable.


Instant set-up

Built-in LCD allows veterinarian to review a crystal vision immediately. Quick set-up, No wiring, No Installation, Built-in battery. it is a smart and simpler device for Veterinary.

Changeable probe
Flexible probe and ear probe makes it easy for veterinarian to navigate and observe different parts of ear, nose and throat.
Built-in LCD
Built-in LCD allows the veterinarian and owner to immediately see the image of the ear,nose and throat.
Easy to capture
Image can be captured by one click; it would automatically be saved and reviewed on screen. Both veterinarian and owner could easy to see the checking condition.
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