F.A.Q We collected the most frequently asked questions below, enjoy!!
Q What certifications do you obtain?
Q Where is the country of origin of your intraoral camera?
Q Does the SyncVision iO1 intraoral camera have patent?
Q When the intraoral camera is connected to the PC, can be synchronized image capture and preview?
Q Does the intraoral camera have image recording function?
Q What’s the lifetime of the Built-in rechargeable battery? How can we replace new one if the battery is worn out.
Q How can we recharge the battery?
Q How long the battery could be fully recharged ?
Q After battery fully recharged, how long the camera can be continued operated.
Q Would you upgrade the current resolution?
Q What is the vision angle of your intraoral camera?
Q How does the intraoral camera to do focus adjustment.
Q Does the intraoral camera can exam to the dental plaque?
Q Can this intraoral camera be sterilized by steam process.
Q Do you have optional accessories for the camera?
Q Does the intraoral camera waterproof?
Q If we ask for extra Micro SD card, can we order by ourselves?
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